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Ma Earth Temple is a safe supportive space for those who are called for healing at the deepest core of their being. 

The healing sessions and offerings are here as a guiding light for anyone who has experienced and endured mild to serious trauma. To break free of the conditioning that is perpetuating the cycles of mistreatment, judgement, violence or abuse and surrender to the natural flow of self love within you.

What is Trauma?

Any significant event or experience, mild or severe, that leaves an imprint in someone's consciousness and manifests in the physical and emotional body as some form of limitation or pain. Without understanding and awareness deep imprints of trauma or ego identification create a disturbance in the being. The impact and interpretation of the trauma affects clear perception and appears to diminish the natural flow of truly experiencing life as it is from the heart.


Yoga, breathwork & energy healing are modalities that will help to refine and attune each being for the recognition and awareness of the subtle body. This discovery of presence is the first extension of your consciousness as a human being and is necessary for any genuine deep healing, true empowerment and peaceful existence.

This work along with self inquiry is for all who have the courage and strength to look and face any inner turmoil with wisdom & understanding, Regardless of your previous experiences it is possible to be free of the imprints of the past and to feel true joy in your heart again.

Love & Blessings xx

"The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire.
Your essence is gold hidden in dust.

To reveal its splendor you must burn in the fire of love."
~ Rumi ~


Golden Steel Plate_edited.jpg
Golden Steel Plate_edited.jpg
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