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"You are the unity of knowing & being.
This is the perfect yoga" ~ Mooji




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Holotropic Breathwork is a holistic and effective therapeutic technique created as a method of self exploration & releasing deeply held traumas from within the body-mind system.

This breathing technique stimulates the sympathetic nervous system allowing for the completion of the fight, flight or freeze response. This systematic process that the human body-mind goes through due to a traumatic event or experience may have been previously interrupted and unable to complete itself due to the conditionings of our environment & collective limitations or beliefs.

A breathwork session allows for the opportunity of real heart connection in a safe space and for deeply held emotional traumas to be released in the loving space of another human being.

This technique has also has been known to be effective in the recovery from PTSD, long term physical ailments and even birth trauma. More commonly a breathwork session helps with the initial breakdown of any false ideas or beliefs that contribute to someone who may be feeling disconnected from the heart and from life.

Reiki Treatment


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Reiki is a soft touch energy healing technique which originated in Japan. Founded by Dr Usui in early 1920's. Translated reiki means 'universal energy'.

Our own consciousness has the ability to heal itself. A reiki session allows space for this to take place with help from a practitioner channeling or transmitting a higher vibrational energy.

A reiki session will help to purify your energy field and bring your chakras into a more free-flowing state of alignment. Any physical or emotional pain will be released gently restoring your natural peace, joy and vitality. 

Reiki healing works on a very subtle level of our energy system and being.

Reiki energy can never cause harm to you.

It will reduce physical pain, speed up any healing process and allow for a deeper nights sleep.

Emotional blockages may be cleared enabling you to experience more of your natural state of peace and clarity.