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Therapeutic grade essential oils. An exotic, fresh, rejuvenating blend to awaken, uplift and energize your body-mind. For use on lava beads as a natural parfum, in your oil burner or bath.


Ingredients: jasmine oil, pink grapefruit oil, patchouli oil, sweet almond oil.

Size: 15ml


JASMINE: A carefully harvested delicate oil with a sweet, floral, exotic aroma. It calms & relieves stress. Helps to clear strong negative emotions. Soothes the nerves, revitalizes and restores energy.


PINK GRAPEFRUIT: Light & zesty aroma with a refreshing, uplifting effect on the body-mind. Helps with a tired, overstimulated nervous system.


PATCHOULI: Widely used in perfumery with it's rich deep scent. Energetically & emotionally uplifting. Opens the mind and heart. Heightens senses with the power to awaken sensuality.


NOTE: Always dilute & patch test before using on skin. Wait 2-3 hours to make sure there is no reaction.


Awaken Essential Oil Blend

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