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Therapeutic grade essential oils. A warm, sensual, spicy blend for the natural bliss of your own being to flow. For use on lava beads as a natural parfum, in your oil burner or bath.


Ingredients:  amber oil, galangal oil, pink lotus oil, sweet almond oil.

Size: 15ml


AMBER: A unique oil derived from the hardened resin of ancient trees hundreds of years old. Known as an aphrodisiac it calms the mind, increases circulation.


GALANGAL: Embodies a warming, stimulating scent and considered a potent aphrodisiac. Emotionally & energetically it can help with anxiety, relax the nerves and inspire creativity. It's the oil of choice for boosting intuition and psychic abilities.


PINK LOTUS: Softer & sweeter than white lotus. In Buddhism/Hinduism lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment & divinity. The flowers emerge from the muddy ponds and rise into full perfection with grace remaining untouched. Used in spiritual ceremony or meditations where it's believed to promoted heightened spiritual growth. Soothes, calms & brings about clearer perception.


NOTE: Always dilute & patch test before using on your skin. Wait 2-3 hours to make sure there is no reaction.

Blissful Essential Oil Blend

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