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Therapeutic grade essential oils. A beautiful, deep, earthy blend to ground your energies into your heart space. For use on lava beads as a natural parfum, in your oil burner or bath.


Ingredients: vetiver oil, Australian sandalwood oil, lemongrass oil, ylang ylang oil, sweet almond oil.

Size: 15ml


VETIVER: A powerful, deep, earthy and grounding oil. Stabilizes the nervous system reducing stress & anxiety. Balances any excessive unstable energies. 


SANDALWOOD: Among the very best oils to use as a healing perfume. It's considered highly sattvic. The "divine oil" of Sandalwood has been a quintessential component of ritual & meditation since ancient times. This wonderful aroma centres your attention to the heart, enhances concentration and opens higher chakras of intuition.


LEMONGRASS: Strong, earthy, purifying oil that relaxes, reduces fatigue & anxiety, 


YLANG YLANG: Exotic, strong & soothing aroma that helps to alleviate stress. Natural regulator of Sebum (oily substance naturally produced by your body to moisturize and protect the skin)


NOTE: Always dilute & patch test before using on your skin. Wait a 2-3 hours to make sure there's no reaction.

Gaia Essential Oil Blend

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