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Gorgeous matte rose quartz and zebra jasper gemstone beaded necklace with silver flower connector charms. Made with natural bamboo cord.


Bead size: 8mm
Length: 62cm


Lady Nada is an ascended master of divine love, said to be the twin flame of Yeshua. The flame of true love. She assists the feminine to be empowered on earth and release old karmic wounds held in the feminine heart throughout all generations. 

She is with those who are on a path of deep spiritual truths and divine healing of christ counsciouness. She is a protective spirit to artists, healers, oppressed people and children. Her symbol is the pink rose and uses a healing pink flame.

Master Lady Nada offers assistance to those seeking to awaken their spiritual self. Her energetic qualities are very gentle & soft with a focus on healing, truth, love, compassion, devotion & selfless service.



Lady Nada Necklace

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