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Kundalini Awakening: Signs, Symptoms & Misconceptions of Shakti Divine

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

The deepest mysteries in the world of yoga are seemingly hidden to most of us walking the planet today. Even most yoga studios & retreat centers around the world are still only operating on a superficial level of what yoga really is in it's essence. The teachings are given in a way that correlates with the capacity at which only what most people, in the world's current state, are ready to see.

Every being on this planet has an energetic power lying dormant at the base of their spine called 'Kundalini' energy also known as 'Shakti'. There are many practices used to awaken this energy mainly yoga, tantra, certain types of breathwork and even ceremonial plant medicine in combination with yoga can bring this awakening to life. Sometimes very rare spontaneous awakenings can occur without warning.

Awakening of kundalini is felt like subtle currents of blissful energy that flow from the base of the spine and spiral up towards the crown of the head. It can also come through as an intense heat, uncontrolled shaking or vibrating of the pelvis. Someone who has awakened their kundalini may appear serpent like in their way and may be noticeable in their eyes.

Kundalini is a powerful energy that must be observed with awareness. If your consciousness is still identified with itself as a mind construct and operating from an idea that you have of yourself then that is when the kundalini energy can cause trouble. The fire or heat will manifest in a way that becomes destructive or explosive in nature. Whatever has been lying dormant in your consciousness and energy field will start to rise to the surface to be cleared out.

If you are looking at yoga in the context of trauma related healing then the awakening of this kundalini energy can become considerably more intense than the average person. If the intensity or severity of the trauma is quite deep then allowing this type of healing is not something anyone would want to endure alone. What you are presented with to look at internally is incredibly challenging especially if someone has been through some form of abuse or suppression. If someone is having a difficult time in their process, more so than others it doesn't mean there is anything wrong or 'bad' about that person, only they have been more heavily conditioned and made to believe in their minds as a reference of who they are. Sometimes the people going through the most difficult transitions are actually more ready and have greater capacity for a true spiritual awakening.

Kundalini is a potential form of powerful cosmic energy unawakened, that our consciousness uses as a way of expressing itself creatively beyond the limits of our present state of conditioning.

~ Signs of Kundalini Awakening ~

~ Intense waves or surges of energetic heat flowing through the body

~ Explosive emotions/purging

~ Increased intense sexual energy

~ Unexplained heat rashes

~ Subtle pelvic shaking

~ Dreams or nightmares involving snakes

~ Spontaneous blissful currents of energy flowing up the spine

Please be aware that signs & symptoms may differ for each person & circumstance. There is no need to be afraid if you experience any of the above but please reach out to a safe support system who will understand what you are going through. Most symptoms should pass over time as your energy system clears itself out and you begin to observe with awareness.

There is a misconception in some parts of society that kundalini energy is 'evil' but this is not true. What is lacking here is awareness. The only way it can be 'evil' or manifest in an unconscious way is if you are not grounded in the heart of awareness. As long as you stop believing in the false negative thoughts that play when the energy arises it will stop going to the mind and come to rest in the heart. Then the manifestation of this energy is one of creativity and sexuality from the heart.

For this energy to stop going to the mind there needs to be a willingness to observe without identifying and bringing attention to the awareness of presence or what the sacred Yoga scriptures call "Shiva". Not believing in the serpents voice manifesting as ego will start to diminish it's seeming power until it merges into the heart.

Upon discovering kundalini awakening it has to be seen that even though it is incredibly powerful & fascinating it is not your truest power. It may start the process of awakening but without awareness it's energy can spiral out of control going towards the mind and this is what must be transcended. The awakening of Shakti without Shiva is dangerous, but kundalini that is awakening in you and is observed with the awareness of presence is beautiful.

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