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Sound Healing for the Soul: Chakra clearing & exploring the power of sound for a higher vibration.

When looked at from a higher perspective music and sound is experienced to be like an extension or expression of the deepest parts of ourselves or even our spirit. Usually these energetic sound waves are moving in a way that's beyond our control and has the power to touch hearts even without words. As we are all connected through energetic vibrations, music and sound can have a powerful effect on our physical and emotional state.

There are vibrational energy waves used through sound called Solfeggio frequencies (Hz) which can be used to help clear your energetic fields or chakras. Chakras are transmitters of energy located at particular areas of the body that begin to open as a result of spiritual purification work. Opening of the chakras can also take place through understanding and awareness of our own conditioning & false beliefs. Sound healing helps to attune your energetic field & chakras to a more balanced state of equilibrium. If you are ready it may also allow for the release of what is unconsciously being held in you emotionally or psychologically

Use Solfeggio sounds throughout the day, while sleeping, silent sitting or during meditation. Find the tracks that resonate with you the most and is healing for your own energy. Observe anything that arises without identifying or suppressing. The tracks that you feel to listen to may change each day depending on where your own energy field is at currently.

To make your Solfeggio healing session even more powerful you can make a vibrational humming sound using your voice. You can just humm without words at the pitch and tone that feels right for you or use the chant word given below for each specific chakra. The stones are not mandatory and just a guide as you should always choose a stone that you feel most drawn to internally.

Crown Chakra

~ Sahasrara ~


Chant ~ AH

Colour ~ Violet/White

Stone ~ Amethyst

Physical ~ Pineal, upper brain, right eye

Energetic ~ Connection to spirituality and higher realms, immortal self

Third-Eye Chakra

~ Ajna ~


Chant ~ OM

Colour ~ Indigo

Stone ~ Moonstone

Physical ~ Pituitary, lower brain, left eye, ears, nose, nervous system

Energetic ~ Connection to Intuition, vision, clarity of mind, wisdom

Throat Chakra

~ Vishuddhi ~


Chant ~ HUM

Colour ~ Blue

Stone ~ Lapis Lazuli

Physical ~ Thyroid, bronchial, throat, lungs, alimentary canal

Energetic ~ authentic expression of emotions & needs, nourishment, assimilation

Heart Chakra

~ Anahata ~


Chant ~ YAM

Colour ~ Green

Stone ~ Rose quartz, Unakite

Physical ~ Thymus, heart, blood, vagus nerve, circulatory system

Energetic ~ love, openness to life, truth, main healing centre of your being, full opening cleanses all other chakras.

Solar Plexus

~ Manipura ~


Chant ~ RAM

Colour ~ Yellow

Stone ~ Sunstone

Physical ~ Pancreas, stomach, liver, gall bladder, nervous system

Energetic ~ sense of personal power, confidence, belonging, connectedness with life, self acceptance

Sacral Chakra

~ Swadisthana ~


Chant ~ VAM

Colour ~ Orange

Stone ~ Carnelian, Tiger eye

Physical ~ Reproductive system

Energetic ~ sexuality connected to the heart, pleasure, creativity.

Root Chakra

~ Muladhara ~


Chant ~ LAM

Colour ~ Red

Stone ~ Bloodstone, Serpentine

Physical ~ Adrenals, spinal column, kidneys

Energetic ~ connection to physical reality, groundedness, vitality, safety

Solfeggio music to suit your own healing journey is available for free via the links below:

Sources: Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan

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