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Powerful Animal Spirit Guides: Healing from Higher Realms of Consciousness

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

After any deep healing occurs of our emotional or subtle spiritual bodies an opening of our energy fields (chakras) also takes place. When this awakening happens in the third eye chakra (pineal gland) or crown chakra the awareness of other realms of consciousness can come into play. One type of these 5th dimensional forms of consciousness are known as spirit animals. Everyone has at least one spirit animal that consistently appears throughout life as a guide and many other animal spirits may come and go randomly as is necessary for your life's path.

Spirit animal energies usually come spontaneously into your awareness with a certain healing vibration. These energies are very subtle and if you are attuned energetically to these vibrations then they can also be called upon consciously. If your third-eye is open you will also see an image of that animal spirit being shown to you. Of course its always easier to connect with a certain animal spirit if you already have a strong connection with the natural world and that particular spirit energy itself.

This opening to other realms can come about in many ways through yoga, plant medicine, traditional shamanic immersion or other methods as there really aren't any rules to your own healing and awakening. Shamanic journey is a great way to connect with your spirit animal but it's not always necessary. If you are open and ready for healing it's possible these energies will come naturally.

Sometimes spirit animals may also appear to you in physical form by coming very close to you unexpectedly to give you a very strong message. Whenever they appear whether it's physically or in spirit form, always use your own intuition and inner knowing of what the message means to you, more so than what anyone else is saying. A spirit animal message or connection is not necessarily about manifesting what you want in the physical or sending you on another journey but is usually more about healing & transcendence.

If your energy is opening up it's always good initially to protect your energy in some way using sage, palo santo, black tourmaline, clear quartz, calling Archangel Michael or anything that is of protective power for you. If you have a genuine purity of heart then some very beautiful healing energies can come through and there isn't much to be concerned about when connecting with these energies. They will come bring a healing energy or message and then go. Only if you have any tendency to give attention to toxic energies or become attached will they come and appear to stay in a strange way. If these energies do come into your awareness it's important that they are seen with detachment. Observe the play without believing in it too deeply. You are always the greater in any moment to disengage if something doesn't feel right for you.

In my own life experience I've had some very beautiful healings occur in my energy field from these energies that can feel like a spiritual blessing and open you up to the abundance of the universe. As beautiful as these experiences are it's so important to realise that even though you may have awakened to other realms of consciousness it doesn't always mean that you have spiritually awakened to your true self. You must always stay vigilant at any given moment. Your own self is always the greater, the most healing, the most powerful and the highest of awakenings.



Panther appears as a very powerful protective spirit guide after a time of great pain & suffering. She will help you in reclaiming your power and having the courage to stand alone. Her wisdom is as deep as the night itself that sees beyond superficial reality. She is sensitive to vibrations

that others cannot process. People who have this guide are highly intuitive and understand the spiritual power of transforming

darkness into light.

Feminine energy of the moon, beauty, intuitive, emotional, protection, guardians of the underworld, pure power of the seers & sages, deep transformational energy, rebirth, deeper vision, spiritual realm.



Tigers are currently endangered on planet Earth and need our protection. Spiritually the tiger portrays the arrival of Buddhism and is shown in many ancient cultures with a deity either sitting next to or on top of a tiger depicting mastery. The strength and virility of tigers appealed greatly to the Japanese Samurai which they adopted as an emblem. The spirit of a tiger fends off demons, ill-fortune and disease.

Immortality, enlightenment, feminine intuition, authenticity, strong sexual desires, sensuality, wild intense feelings & emotions, graceful strength & power, territorial, motherly protective instincts, good fortune, unpredictability of the spirit.



Hawk is often a messenger from Angels, Devas and the Divine. Stay alert. Be aware & vigilant with yourself and the people around you. Hawk will give you strength to keep focused and stay in alignment when people are appearing to sway you from your higher path.

Messengers, visionaries, power of observation from a higher consciousness, discernment, extra sensory abilities, vitality, rapid spiritual development, survival during adversity.



The swan is one of the most ancient and powerful spirit animals. Its energy awakens the power of self, our eternal essence, and shows us inner grace and that our true beauty is within. Swan spirit is also known to appear as a sign of spiritual love between soul mates or twin flames.

Spirit guide of empaths, purity, grace, beauty, power of self, regal, elegance, emotional sensitivity, poetry, music, enduring love, soul level experiences, divination, surrender.



Intelligent and fearless, native tribes throughout history have held the polar as a desirable ally and spirit helper. The white colour of the polar bear represents purity of spirit. As this bear is fearless the medicine serves as a energy of spiritual nourishment.

Animal spirit of shamans and mystics, purity of spirit, considered good omens in dreams, spiritual nourishment, ancient wisdom, shamanic powers, overcoming adversity, transcendence.



In Native American traditions the owl is known as the "Night Eagle" connected with the moon. Owl is calling for you to trust you inner guidance. Wise protectors, an owl in the wild will call out to warn us when predators are near.

Strong intuition, psychic ability, wisdom, subtle energies, silence, protection, warnings, secrets, inner guidance



In Native American culture hummingbirds are seen as healers, light bringers & helpers from spirit who carry the energy of luck, joy & love. It's a very soft magical energy often connected with angels. It has the power to heal, renew and awaken your heart to the joy of your soul again.

Clears the heart of deep trauma, of the angels, love, wordless purity & peace. healing, very gentle, feminine, heart healing.



Those working with eagle spirit are often healers or have awakened to their own self healing abilities. Many ancient and native cultures regard the eagle as sacred creatures with powerful energy for

ceremony and prayer.

Self-discovery, clarity of awareness, rising above in consciousness, direct communication with spirit, crystal clear vision, masculine sexuality.



If the puma (cougar) spirit has approached you know that you have come into your own power. It's an energy of knowing your primal power beyond ego and using it wisely for the empowerment of all. Her roar of leadership is always fair but feared by many.

Strength, independence, confidence, feminine sexuality, sensuality, prowess, fierce assertiveness, fiery supportive guardian, primal power, self expression.



All throughout history within many cultures of the world the Lion is a representation of mighty kings & goddesses, great strength, authority and divine power. Lion medicine comes about as a sign of spiritual strength from overcoming the influence of intense emotional and psychological challenges of life more so than any physical feat.

True power of the heart, immense inner strength, leadership, community, courage, loyalty, majesty, fiery inspiration, spiritual protection, empowerment, success.



All things under Mother Earth and Father Sky connect through Buffalo medicine in harmony with Great Spirit & Self. Buffalo spirit walks a sacred path knowing the planet is a truly holy space. Buffalo spirit will give you strength and spiritual nourishment in a time of adversity.

Peace, highly spiritual, deeply grounding, strong connection to mother earth energy, humility, gratitude, abundance, truth.



Dolphins are always an auspicious omen. They are highly intelligent and have even been known to protect humans from sharks and save us from drowning. In Christian artwork the dolphin is often portrayed as carrying souls to Christ so they can be born anew. People surrounded by the spirit of the dolphin may find themselves on the edge of a spiritual rebirth or may have recently undergone a transformation.

Harmony, playfulness, happiness, joy, truth, protection, spiritual ascension, awakening, high vibrational, self love


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