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The Importance and Power of Intuition

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

A phrase that is widely used today as a way of giving wise advice to those we care about is "use your intuition" or to "trust your gut" but rarely is the power of this statement understood fully in the heart. From not fully understanding how to navigate life through our intuitive self people are still living in states of confusion and allowing others to influence their choices.

This power is continually overlooked by the world of how important it is to your own personal growth and healing. Even in spiritual retreats or groups where
people are being looked up to saying all kinds of things that sound empowering but in themselves they are still not living the truth of their hearts. They still are wanting to fulfill a status or image.

Human beings today are so habituated to give power to our imaginary minds that the phrase "use your intuition" sounds strangely magical & mystical when it's actually perfectly natural. It is you inner spiritual compass for life. It brings a true confidence and strength that is unpredictable, alive and comes from your being.

Intuition is usually a feeling-less silent inner knowing. Only in some cases where your intuition may be wanting to send you a strong message it will come with a feeling but it is never a feeling of fear or judgement. This feeling will be like a 'gut feeling' but most of the time intuition is not a feeling in itself. The more that you are able to be silent with your being as presence through whatever modality works best for you then your intuition will reveal itself more clearly to you and eventually you will learn to fully trust this.

It doesn't matter how things appear to be on the surface, even if someone appears to be popular and loved by everyone but you know something isn't right, always choose to follow your intuition. It's far better to make mistakes learning discernment of your own intuitive guidance than to be successful following the ideas and beliefs of others. This is the only way to truly grow in maturity and learn to use your own wisdom.

If you don't resonate with certain parts of a tradition or society you are not being disrespectful in expressing this. Respect for yourself and honoring the truth of your heart should always come first priority. You will grow and mature in a way that's aligned with your true power. Anyone on this earth or in spirit that has any kind of true intelligence will not feel disrespected by someone who doesn't resonate with traditions in the heart. If there is anyone who attempts to make you feel badly it is only because they are unaware of who they are.

If you are really following your intuition it's always for the highest good of all beings. You will be empowering yourself and everyone else by not believing in the fear.

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