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A Way Out Of Suffering: The False Idea of Depression

Updated: May 2, 2023

Lose yourself in this love

when you lose yourself in this love

you will find everything

lose yourself

lose yourself

do not fear this loss

as you will rise from the earth

and embrace the endless heavens

lose yourself

lose yourself

escape from the black cloud that surrounds you

then you will see your own light as radiant as the full moon

now enter that silence

this is the surest way to lose yourself

what is your life about anyway

nothing but a struggle to become someone

nothing but a running from your own silence



It's possible that the following may cause some triggers or reactions in some people which is understandable considering the strong beliefs held in the collective consciousness. What is written here has come from a clear seeing and life experience that may help someone who really needs support & guidance. For those who feel drawn to continue please read with an open mind and heart.

It's no surprise that many of us in the collective have grown up with toxic false ideas and beliefs that are more often than not passed down through generations, unconsciously through no fault of our own, that can create patterns of unnecessary suffering. Sometimes these patterns or Vasanas can appear to run quite deep and we experience having to endure very painful states in ourselves, our families, friends and loved ones that are only able to sprout due to unawareness. In these challenging times many people are being led to believe in their imaginary states of anxiety & depression unaware that it is possible to exist peacefully regardless of what may have occurred in the past. Many hearts are consciously or unconsciously calling to be shown the way. A way that's not just going to numb and mask our life force but that awakens our deeper intelligence and capacity for self healing.

Through my own life experience I've come to discover that anxiety or depression is not an incurable disease of the brain but a state of mind that is identified with through the belief that the mind stream is who you are. The idea of depression has become so collectively overused and full of false notions that if believed in it creates an imaginary black cloud or shape in your energy field that doesn't even truly exist. It's a false idea used to keep you in a state of imagined separation. To make you believe that you are separate from your heart, from your soul & from existence. It's an idea that wants to appear as if it's more powerful or more here than you are but it's not true. Even though it may seem in these states as though the world is attacking or against you, it is actually appearing this way in order for you to transcend this shape. It is not a conspiracy but a play of consciousness.

If at some point in your life you have experienced emotional anguish, fear, anger, sadness or heartbreak, instead of allowing for the expression & release of this, for some reason human beings have decided to interpret this as something is 'wrong'. This false perception creates an imagined state of depression that covers up the emotions that need to be seen and/or released. Some people are being led to believe from a very young age that something is wrong with them or being labeled as "depressed" so the emotional or even apathetic state they are experiencing continues on longer than necessary.

It may have become noticed that when you are feeling a little rough people will just automatically start talking about depression or even use this word to try to get you to believe in it's existence again as if it's an explanation or the answer to everything. Seen from a space of clarity, the idea has almost become like a warped obsession. All that's really happening each moment is a feeling, emotion or state is arising, it's noticed, maybe it's expressed then it's gone. The only reason any state will be prolonged is either by believing it's existence to be significant or by creating some kind of opinion or judgement that the experience shouldn't be happening.

"Depression" is not an irreversible disease of the brain but and idea created by human beings who either haven't been allowed to process & release their deep rooted emotions or haven't come to an understanding of who they really are. From your own natural awareness observe and allow everything that is arising, both internally & externally, to happen without judgement, labeling, interpreting or trying to understand it intellectually. Every intense feeling, experience or thought in life is just your consciousness cleaning itself out.

Give up the struggle, dear one.

Once you stop searching for a way out, the way is shown to you.

To wake up is an energetic surrender of the heart - not a decision to be made in your mind. Everything that you are led to believe life should be - surrender it completely with your entire being and you will see. Let the becoming of your life be from a universal unfolding not a quest to be popular or successful in the way everyone is conditioned to believe is important.

Don't be afraid of allowing things to become unbearably painful. It's at the point of the most painful of states that your own consciousness splits off from what appears to be happening and sees it's unreality. It becomes so painful to experience internally that it doesn't even make any sense anymore.

All of the things that appear to be going 'wrong' in your world or mistakes suddenly become the juice for your spirit being to announce itself in you in the most beautiful way. It is a delusion to believe that life is never supposed to have any challenges or suffering and pain. The people who experience the most turmoil, heartache are actually being blessed by grace. It's time to start looking at the world from our non-physical eyes to see what's really here. What's really here is the peaceful presence of being, unspeakable joy and bliss.


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