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Blessing of a Master: Recognizing Toxic Personalities and Transcending it's Influence.

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Life will bring all kinds of characters along your path ultimately to teach you about who you really are. The ones who are able to do that best aren't always your friends but is usually what people call a narcissist or a very toxic form of ego identity. It's easy to just go about your day saying that these people are evil but the truth is they are playing an important role in your awakening. These people will appear as a pointer for you to look more deeply and awaken to your full capacity and potential. Only from challenging intense experiencing can we fully wake up and come alive in the heart.

Signs you may be dealing with a narcissistic energy are:

~ Forgiveness is expected of you even without them apologizing. "Can't you just forgive me anyway"
~ Any form of toxic or abusive behavior is denied (even if it has occurred)
~ They will always say you are wrong even when expressing how you feel or what you want.
~ They feel entitled to you giving them an explanation for every single move, thought, desire or action.
~ They don't protect or stand up for you emotionally in any situation.
~ Unresolved guilt will be projected onto you
~ Unable to have any capacity for insight - everything is your fault.
~ They will lie, hurt and control anyone & everyone to protect their image.
~ There is little to no understanding or desire to understand how you feel or your perspective.
~ They feel entitled to treat people however they want even if it's controlling & abusive.
~ Guilt will be used as a way to suppress and avoid the fact they they have upset or hurt you. "Well, I let you do this remember? or "I paid for all of these things remember?
~ They keep up a smile or "party face" in the company of others but direct abusive comments and behaviour towards you when no one else is around.

If you are someone who experiences interactions with any signs mentioned above please know there is nothing wrong with you for anything that you are feeling or experiencing. It may seem like it's intentional that these people want to upset and hurt you but the majority of the time these people are in a state of misery & fear inside. If they can keep everyone else miserable then they don't have to look at what's unresolved in them. Even if they believe themselves that they want to hurt and destroy you it is only coming from unawareness and not the truth of their heart.


By not reacting to the projections these people will try to put onto you then the attention is flipped or switched back onto them to a point where they have no choice but to look and acknowledge what is really going on in them. For example if you don't believe or react to the guilt they are projecting on to you then they immediately have to address their own guilt and the game is over. Most games that are played by anybody are usually just an unconscious way of getting attention from you. If you observe, keep your attention on yourself and don't believe in your own reaction then the game can't continue.

Even if you have done the inner work these toxic people may still appear on your path but their game and how it affects you will diminish. It can only be prolonged if you keep giving attention or importance to them. Giving attention means identifying in any kind of response verbally or energetically that arises in you and believing it's important to focus on which it usually is not. The key is natural noticing and discernment on whether it's worth it for you to be interacting with these energies and only interact if it feels right for you. If there is no option to physically walk away from the situation observe any reactions that happen without becoming involved. Something in you may want to try stop any feelings or reactions you are having but this will only prolong everything. The more you become used to observing with detachment these energies will eventually fade and it will begin to heal everyone involved not just yourself.

To handle these types of energies in this way will take a great deal of inner strength, vigilance and self love. It's a very subtle form of manipulation that will require you to dig deep. If things seem very painful and challenging it will pass eventually and your depth of understanding will grow. If you are ready you will come to see there is a space in you that is not affected. Be patient with yourself and allow life to unfold and flow. Keep very strong boundaries when interacting with these people and follow the path that feels right for you. If you are genuine in the heart spirit always has your back and whatever false beliefs you may have been holding will be released & revealed to you in divine time.


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