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Earth Empaths: Grounding Into Being

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

As the collective consciousness is awakening on a global scale people are becoming more aware of the reality of our existence as spiritual beings. An empath is a term given to describe someone with an elevated level of sensitivity and awareness that has the capacity to tune into the energetic spiritual realm of existence in conjunction with what's going on around them. It can be seen as a gift or a curse but the truth is it's perfectly natural. To be in this state of awareness is actually the natural state of a human being without the imprints of suppression or conditioning.

There are many beings on the planet that are highly sensitive to the environment and energies around them but a true empath is rare. It is not just being sympathetic or understanding how someone else is feeling emotionally. An empath is aware of both the emotional and energetic play of whoever they are connected to in life or just connecting with momentarily. It is felt in their own bodies and energetic field as if it's happening to them. Regardless of any conversation this play of what is happening with someone else can even be felt from great physical distance.

Grounding is very important in life not only for empaths but for everyone now in a time where we are being tested with many intense delusions that appear to us daily due to our conditioning. To just be aware and give value to something as simple as grounding your awareness into your own being and heart space can make an unbelievable difference to your state of mind, how you feel about yourself and how you interact or experience the world. Below is what you can focus on daily to honor your self and value the power of grounding your attention into the heart space.


~ Silent Sitting/Meditation ~

The most important focus each day to feel grounded in your heart is meditation or silent sitting. If you are strongly identified with the experiences of being an empath being around others can sometimes become energetically draining. The good news is there is a space within you that is unaffected by this play. Take time to become aware of the space & silence within you by observing all thoughts and feelings with detachment. Observe everything that is happening as if it is someone else's movie. It doesn't matter how long you are able to sit for in lotus position - what's needed here is only an awareness of what is being identified with inside your own consciousness. It may be challenging at first, your mind will give you so many tasks to do, so many memories & emotions to get lost in, but perseverance in sitting silently will be priceless to your perception and experiencing of life.

Mooji Guided Meditation link is below for anyone ready to be introduced to silent sitting. Copy and paste the link into your browser or visit for many more beautiful offerings.


~ Energetic Space Clearing & Protection ~

Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) is Spanish for "Holy Wood" and comes from a tree native to South America. It has a beautiful sweet earthy aroma and emits a powerful energetic blessing. Make sure you purchase wood that has already fallen to the ground as it's an endangered species and only the wood that has already fallen from the tree will release it's natural resin.

Black Tourmaline (also known as 'shamans stone") is a powerful protection stone that absorbs EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and negative energies of all forms. It's a strong spiritual grounding stone that you can buy to put in your pocket, hold in your hand or hang around your neck. Smaller stones can be just as powerful as the larger ones so choose a stone you feel drawn to inwardly. It's a great stone for empaths and those who need psychic protection. It can also be helpful to put black tourmaline under your pillow when sleeping. These stones can be cleansed using a selenite charging bar, smudge stick (sage, palo santo) or soaking in salt water.

Salt baths taken regularly are incredibly healing on a physical and energetic level as the salt will draw out impurities. Use pink Himalayan salt, epsom salt, dead sea salt and add your favourite essential oils. For grounding use MaEarth Gaia Essential Oil Blend with vetiver, sandalwood, lemongrass and ylang ylang.

White Sage Oil is another powerful way to cleanse your energy field and the space around you. In my experience I have found the oil to be stronger and more potent than dried sage. Add MaEarth Purify Essential oil blend to an oil burner, diffuser, lava beads or bath. If you have trouble sleeping add a few drops onto your pillow or add to a small bowl of water and leave next to your bed for the essence to permeate into the air.


~ Earthing ~

Earthing is what's known as coming into contact with the natural Earth surface with your skin or bare feet long enough for it to transmit it's healing frequencies into your physical and energetic body. Anyone in this world with any kind of intelligence would know the benefits of this and how being present with the natural world helps us to come back to our own true nature. Even though science has proven the physiological side of Earthing, it is known and felt by us through experience the healing power of nature.

The way nature communicates is through the intelligence of vibration. Just being in it's presence has more to teach you and can sometimes heal you more than anything else in life. It's intelligence goes beyond what most of us are aware of at this time. If you are humble, quiet and open healing will surely take place on some level. Go to a place you feel called to, barefoot with the Earth and be open to what it has to share with you.


~ Movement & Massage ~

For empaths & highly sensitive beings to be grounded in the heart it's important that they feel safe in their physical bodies. There are many forms of movement or massage that can help to process or release emotions if needed. Always choose what feels right for you without forcing and use your discernment on which practitioner, therapist or teacher you wish to engage with in making sure they are genuine.

Yoga is a great form of movement to begin feeling more grounded in the heart. It's origins date back thousands of years to ancient India. It will bring your awareness to your breath and even beyond the breath. It also awakens your own kundalini power within you. There are many different types of yoga to suit different temperaments such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, Inyegar and many more.

Myofascial release is also fantastic form of massage therapy. It will release any tension held in the fascia or connective tissue that is found throughout the entire structure of the body. By releasing this tension either physically and/or emotionally it will result in you having a more balanced and grounded energy.

Reiki energy healing is a beautiful, non-invasive way of allowing healing to take place that is on a physical, emotional & spiritual level. This therapy must also be in used combination with a genuine contemplative observation, awareness or meditation to assimilate the process of healing properly into your body/mind. The movement of a reiki healing session is primarily energetic with touch or breathwork only being utilized if the client feels safe & comfortable. The power of holding sacred space for another being so they can release what is ready to be healed is often underestimated. Reiki sessions can be booked on the MaEarth website using the link below:


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