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The Sacred World of Indigenous Culture

The relationship indigenous people have to their country is a deep spiritual connection. The land is their mother, the giver of life who provides them with everything they need.

"Aboriginal spirituality is animistic. In an animistic world every thing is interconnected, people, plants and animals, land-forms and celestial bodies are part of a larger reality. In this world, nothing is inanimate, everything is alive; animals, plants, and natural forces, all are energized by a spirit. As such, humans are on an equal footing with nature; are part of nature and are morally obligated to treat animals, plants and land-forms with respect.

In this world, the invisible and the visible pulse with the same life and the sacred is not separated from the secular, they are interconnected and interactive. But also in this world, the unseen spiritual forces are stronger and hold sway over all nature"

~ Graham Paulson, Indigenous Elder


The Indigenous people and traditional custodians of Australia have occupied this beautiful land for at least 60,000 years. The inner compass or guidance for life with indigenous people is different to how most people are living in conditioned society today. To them the land is their mother, the giver of life who provides them with everything they need. It's a connection to the spirit of their ancestors who take care of them and are the higher guides for how they live with the land.

All over the world now people are turning to indigenous cultures for physical, emotional and spiritual reasons as western practices rarely address all of these avenues. Going to the source through indigenous medicine and exploring their unconditioned way of life can help with embodying a deeper healing that's needed so desperately at the moment. A huge part of healing for the happiness of a human being is always deeply rooted in the awareness of yourself as spirit and seeing how the earth is also one with the same awareness or consciousness. It's in the imagined disconnection or separation of yourself from the spiritual realm and the natural world that leads to most forms of suffering and disease.

In my own country of Australia I've experienced the power of an indigenous sacred site and now understand the significance and importance of why these areas must be protected. A sacred Aboriginal site at Mt Donna Buang NSW was so alive with sacred healing energy it spoke to me in a way that I will never forget and was so fortunate to experience. Just standing in it's presence tears began streaming down my face as it was clearing out my being physically, emotionally and spiritually. The site had an intelligence that all of nature has but for some reason this area was still so powerful because it had been protected in some way. The natural intelligence of this sacred site communicated so much wisdom that no institution or certificate would ever be able to show you.

It doesn't matter what your background is or where you are from Mother Earth and the natural world will always be at the deepest core of your existence. While there are many non-indigenous people who don't understand or care about this deep connection to the earth or land, there are some non-indigenous people that are sensitive enough to understand it's importance. As the collective consciousness evolves, slowly but surely people will hopefully start to become aware that the only way of not destroying the chances of creating a peaceful life for the generations to come is all in forgiveness. It's time to choose a higher path and know that it's possible to transcend the pain and injustices of the past so we can start working together as one.

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