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Trusting Your Intuitive Guidance: Reading Others Energetically From The Heart

We are living in a world where many beings are operating from false judgments about others without the awareness of how to really see the heart of someone beyond their form. Throughout life these judgments can arise consciously or unconsciously in us when encountering the many different beings that cross our path. If our perception is distorted through false beliefs about ourselves or other people it can affect our ability to discern what is real and who people really are underneath the persona they are presenting. Many of us have not been shown or helped to understand the value of how to read the hidden reality of someone's character beyond the show of what they express or communicate with and how this understanding can help to bring true empowerment into your experience. This knowledge will be especially valuable for people who are being manipulated, suppressed or unfairly treated.

Knowing how to read others energetically is a skill that is perfectly natural and with just a shift of attention anyone can attune themselves to know. It will help you to navigate throughout life more peacefully in a way that's in harmony with life. A true discernment that comes from the wisdom of your being will begin to arise on where it is worth extending your time and energy. You will begin to feel more empowered within yourself, fewer mistakes will be made once you begin to trust yourself and your own intuitive guidance.

Begin With Natural Noticing

If you find yourself in conversation with someone just bring your attention to how their presence feels to you - more so when they are NOT speaking. Just by looking or observing notice how they feel to you energetically when it's your turn to speak and they are (hopefully) just listening. In this time where a majority of people are operating from a false persona it is more accurate to get a reading or feel of who someone really is when they are not speaking.

Sometimes you may find there is not much of a change and other times the difference is huge. Someone may be saying all the right intellectual things, giving you the right compliments, telling great jokes, laughing and smiling but their energy feels erratic, hard like a brick wall, aggressive, false or just like something isn't right. You may also see a complete change in the shape of their face and body language once they give their attention to you and listen to you speak. Also notice how you feel when the interaction is finished, after the distraction of the conversation is gone. Sometimes afterwards if you keep observing energetically and process the interaction you will come to even more clarity about who someone really is. Insights will begin to be revealed to you spontaneously through natural noticing. Meditation or silent sitting is a great way to start becoming attuned to these subtle energies at play.

Using Power Of Discernment

If you are beginning to notice the energetic play & responses in a situation it's important to discern the difference between feeling heavy or erratic energy that's coming from someone who is false or whether you are having an unconscious reaction to them in yourself. If you are genuine in your looking you will be able to see this difference in energy play and not end up judging someone due to your own imaginary fears & insecurities. It's also important to understand that sensing a negative energy shouldn't always be interpreted that someone is a bad person. There is a huge difference between someone going through a hard time as opposed to someone who is playing manipulative & sinister games. This is something that also needs to be discerned and will develop with life experience and maturity.

Someone who is not genuine can also appear to be popular, successful and confident but there is sometimes nothing felt energetically to match what they are doing or saying. Their confidence may not be a true confidence of the heart but just a confident persona or idea of the mind that appears to be covering unresolved traumas & insecurities. How you may be feeling after an interaction with someone false or toxic is:

~ Drained

~ Confused

~ Controlled or used

~ Completely misinterpreted

~ Like you haven't really been seen or heard

~ Sensitive people may even feel physically sick.

~ There is no sense of any real aliveness felt in you from connecting with them.

A basic example I can share of just how subtle and manipulative a false persona can be is with someone who seemed to have been a friend of mine for a long time. She had taken on this persona or shape of counselling me when it wasn't even needed or necessary as a way of feeling like she was somehow above me in some way. She would misinterpret and twist my words around just so she could play the wise, awakened teacher or healer. In reality what she was saying and doing hadn't actually been truly seen in her heart & energy. She always appeared to be so friendly, smiling and happy towards everyone but I could feel something wasn't quite right with her energy. Her energy felt strangely insecure, bitchy and pretentious. Even though I wanted to have a real conversation with her it felt like she was only open to my energy if I continued with her game playing. After observing everything that was happening I came to the realization that she only wanted a friendship or connection with me to support or boost her own image of being a 'teacher' for her profile and business success. She was always speaking and behaving in a way that put me 'beneath' her as if there was something wrong with me that needed to be helped or fixed. The reality of the situation is I had experienced genuine healing at a very deep level and have never felt more strong and centered in my entire life.

This kind of situation for someone who is in their power and coming from a true place of the heart would not see this type of game playing as something worth tolerating. If someone doesn't have the heart or intelligence to acknowledge your presence and worth there is no need to waste your time and energy with them. Use your own intuition in discerning what you are willing to tolerate and if the situation feels right for you. To bring this kind of seeing up with anyone may be taken the wrong way so it is usually best to keep quiet and if someone in this world is meant to be exposed for who they really are it will happen by grace.

Trusting the Universe

Encountering someone who is real and coming from the heart may not always be an interaction of familiarity and comfort but it will always leave you feeling lighter, happier, grounded in the heart, like you can breathe more deeply, your are more silent, calm or peaceful and you don't always know why. The conversation or energy play may appear to be unusual or strange in some way but because they are coming from the right place it is energetically clearing and opening up space in you.

However things may appear to be playing on the surface ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go with how someone feels to you intuitively & energetically. It may seem difficult at first because the persona can be very deceptive and cunning but the more you keep discerning in this way it will become much easier to trust yourself.

Have no fear dear one, as long as you see this play of life for what it really is and trust in the universe above all, not matter what happens you will be redirected into living a blessed existence that is more in alignment with the harmony and peace of your heart. It may take some courage to leave behind old ways of being & seeing the world but the self love that comes from knowing your worth in this way is priceless. It's not until you have really seen who you are beyond your own persona & false ideas of yourself are you able to truly see others clearly.


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